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0 to 10.... Born a "war baby" in 1941, WIGGINS learned to talk funny and began his career performing a "Singing & Dancing Cowboy Act" on the bar tops in his Chicago neighborhood saloons, thereby
earning "beer money" for his Grandpa, who became WIGGINS very
first agent in Show Business.

11 to 20... Growing into the role of 'juvenile delinquent' WIGGINS attended Public, Lutheren, Methodist, Jewish and Catholic Schools, learning just enough larceny to get him sent to the Illinois State
Reformatory where WIGGINS practiced defending himself from
hecklers,,, Very Big Hecklers.

21 to 30... Fully reformed, WIGGINS next became a 'Hippie
Suburbanite' raising five kids and many plants, plus studying acting at Chicago's Goodman Theatre, eventually landing a role in the movie, Cooley High, playing a "White Trick."

31 to 40... Following a dream and a court order, WIGGINS moved to Hollywood and became a stand up comic including appearances on the Mike Douglas Show, the Toni Tennile Show, as well as writing comedy material for George Carlin, Chuck Barris and David Letterman. Mitzi and Bud hated WIGGINS.

41 to 50... Escaping Hollywood, WIGGINS journeyed, man, country-wide, performing in saloons and comedy clubs, slowly gathering a loyal following for his comedy character,
"The Last Hippie in America."

51 to 60... Falling prey to the addictions of "The Road" WIGGINS doesn't remember the years 1992 thru 2001. WIGGINS believes it was a whole lot of fun, but who knows??? Anybody??? Anybody!!!

60 to ??.... Now safely ensconced in his very own "Green Room" this
believer in dreams come true, this ol' Hippie Saloon Comic, hit televisions high mark for a performer,,, The Tonight Show. As to the
rest of the story,,, stay tuned!!!

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